Columbus software firm to add 320 jobs
High-tech posts pay $35 to $37 per hour

I guess I have come to expect that Governor Daniels simply likes to put on a good show. The headline is from the The Courier-Journal of Louisville, Kentucky.

Dave Glass, president of LHP Inc., joined Governor Mitch Daniels for the announcement in the governor’s office. The software development company plans to add 320 jobs in Columbus by 2011 to nearly triple its current work force. Glass said the new high-tech positions will be in engineering services and engineering research and will pay $35 to $37 per hour. He said the company expects to recruit many of its workers from out of state because it can’t find enough in the area with the appropriate advanced degrees.

LHP, an international developer of software and hardware solutions for the military, automotive and medical industries, also will invest more than $1 million to expand its Columbus, Indiana, headquarters and development center, making room for new research and development equipment and new computer hardware.

The Indiana Economic Development Corp. will give LHP up to $2.1 million in performance-based tax credits and up to $50,000 in training grants based on the company’s job creation. Columbus will provide the company with property tax abatements.

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Daniels called the announcement “another major economic expansion.” He said the new jobs are among nearly 22,000 that will be created in the coming years by economic development deals the state closed in 2007. Daniels said that beats the number of jobs created by deals in 2006 and 2005. However, the total includes more than 3,000 jobs that have not yet been announced.

Indiana Economic Development Corp. spokesman Mitch Frazier said in those cases, companies have accepted the state’s incentive offer and committed to the jobs but haven’t completed negotiations with local governments or completed other business transactions.

What really concerns me is that he gets up on his podium and makes these announcements, many of which have no practical effect on Hoosiers today. But, boy it sure sounds good when he touts his newly created jobs – jobs that are years in the future.

It really gets old after a while. I just hope that the man who blithely estimated the Iraq War would cost $40 – $50 billion dollars (now approaching $500 billion dollars) and who made a shambles of the OMB under Bush is not able to hornswoggle Indiana voters to return him to another term.





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