Alexander was a mere three weeks old when his father, Jason Lambert, decided to end Alexander’s young life in August.  Police and medics were called to Lambert’s apartment where they found Alexander dead.  The Allen County coroner ruled the death a homicide caused by multiple blunt-force trauma.  In layman’s words, Alexander was beaten to death.  An autopsy revealed that Alexander had a broken leg which caused internal bleeding as well as bleeding in his brain.

Lambert was charged with the murder, neglect of a dependent, and battery a few days after Alexander’s death, and, in September, Lambert’s attorney filed notice that the insanity defense would be pursued.  The court appointed two mental health experts who examined Lambert and found him competent to stand trial.   Lambert still must convince the jury that he was insane at the time of the alleged murder.  Lambert’s trial is scheduled for February but look for other delays before Lambert gets his day in court.


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