The following was an exchange while Mitt Romney was still governor of Massachusetts.

Interviewer: Governor Romney, thanks for being on the show.

Mitt: (all smiles) Great to be here, Joan.

Interviewer: Governor, a lot of Americans are asking themselves, Can a Mormon be president? How do your respond to that?

Mitt: (all smiles) Well, Joan, one of the great things about this country is that we enjoy the freedom to worship as we see fit, to raise our children in a belief system that will give them the moral upbringing they need to be good citizens who contribute to the betterment of society. But my hope is that people won’t vote for me, or refuse to vote for me, because of my faith. I would hope that people would look at my record as a public official. For example, when I balanced the budget in the state of Massachu–Ann Romney

Interviewer: Yes yes, but isn’t it true that the Mormons have embraced some rather, shall we say, unorthodox beliefs? Take polygamy. When most Americans think of Mormons, they think of polygamy.

Mitt: (chuckling) Mormons don’t practice polygamy, Joan. The church banned the practice over a hundred years ago. Mormons are just like any other Christian faith. We love our children, we–

Interviewer: Yes yes, but as a Mormon, are you telling me that you’ll never take another wife? I mean, we Americans can only take one First Lady. What would we call the other wives? Second Lady? Third Lady? I mean, who would choose the drapes?

Mitt: No no, Joan. It’s just me and Ann. In fact, one of my goals as president is to strengthen the American family and–

Interviewer: Not even one more wife?

Mitt: Uh, no, Joan. Not even one.

Interviewer: Not even one teeny tiny wife?

Mitt: I don’t follow you.

Several weeks ago, during a debate where the audience was allowed to ask questions, the same issue arose. An individual who was given the opportunity to ask a serious question of Mr. Romney prefaced his “real” question with an inquiry as to which one of his wives would be First Lady. Perhaps the questioner thought he was being cute or personable, but at this point the lack of knowledge about the Mormon religion is getting old.

Enough said. I am not a Republican, and I won’t be voting for Mitt Romney, but stupidity, rudeness, and failure to check historical knowledge drive me crazy.


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I own a home in the historical West Central Neighborhood of Fort Wayne, Indiana. I have four grown sons and nine grandchildren - four grandsons and five granddaughters. I love to work on my home, and I enjoy crafts of all types. But, most of all, I enjoy being involved in political and community issues.
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  1. LorMarie says:

    I agree that Joan was rude for asking such questions. But, it is up to Mormons themselves to educate the public and present a better image. The public can only go by what it sees on a daily basis.

  2. JLFuller says:

    Surely there is no one in the USA that actually believes Mormons have multiple wives. Surely not today. Is this a gag piece or is it for real?

  3. J. Q. Taxpayer says:


    I agree with you. Only the people who are not informed or those seeking to smear Mitt bring this subject up.

    Sadly, I not impressed with anyone running right now. Maybe as time goes on and the field thins out a little I will find someone. Gosh, I hope so.

  4. Phil Marx says:

    Last week the History Channel replayed an event which took place during the 1960 Presidential campaign. Senator John Kennedy was speaking before a meeting of Southern Baptist Ministers in Houston Texas.

    Near the beginning, a man questioned why Kennedy had cancelled an appearance at a non-Catholic church fundraiser several years prior. Kennedy answered the question adequately. Near the end, another man asked the same question again.

    Kennedy first replied that he thought he had adequately responded to the question the first time. He went on to say “Look, this happened a long time ago, when I had just begun my political career. I may have made a minor mistake in judgement, but come on. After twelve years, is that the best you’ve got.” The entire audience chuckled and applauded Kenedy’s response.

    It always amazes me when a questioner (whether a member of the media or otherwise) wastes everyones time with ridiculous questions.

  5. JLFuller:

    No, this is certainly not a gag piece. I have never done a gag piece since the beginning of my blog this past January. The second item about the audience viewer was on national TV just several weeks ago.

    Romney has been running for what, about a year now? He has had to answer the same question many times. I don’t understand how informed voters and the public continue to ask and ask and ask – unless it is to just smear Romney and try to confuse the issues by deflecting attention from them.

    The Mormon church outlawed the practice of polygamy (actually polygany – more than one wife) over a hundred years ago. The church’s fourth president, Wilford Woodruff, issued a public declaration (commonly called the Manifesto) announcing the official discontinuance of the practice in 1890.

    Statehood for Utah was granted in 1896 as opposition of the controversy over Mormon polygamy waned.

  6. LorMarie:

    I agree that religions or any other group should educate as much as possible. But how long does the education period need to last?

    As I wrote in JL’s response above, the Mormon church outlawed polygamy 117 years ago. You would think that would be enough time to get the issue straightened out. Children take history all through school – I would hope they are being taught correctly.

    So, if history is being taught accurately and such a great length of time has passed, how is it that the first thing that comes to mind about Mormons is that they still practice polygamy? At this point, it is pure ignorance and the unwillingness to accept accurate historical facts.

    What can be confusing to some is that there are a few rogue groups who still do practice poylgamy, but they are not members of the church and have been excommunicated.

    Phil Marx mentioned the history channel, and I believe that channel or PBS presented a show on the subject some time back.

  7. wickle says:

    “Not even one teeny tiny wife”?

    I think that this has to go down in history as one of the top five stupidest interview questions ever.

    At this point, I would have to disagree that it’s up to the Mormons to educate. There is an extent to which people who are talking should look for information on their own.

  8. parson says:

    Too many people watch that HBO show “Big Love” I think it’s called and thinks it’s all true.

  9. Parson:

    What really coincidental was the timing of the show. It came out at about the same time Romney announced his candidacy. I am sure that show contributed to furthering ignorance about the issue of polygamy in the Mormon Church.

  10. roach says:

    support lesbian polygamy! make brian bosma, and the statehouse GOP really blow a gasket.
    Or just evade the laws, like Hugh Hefner.
    why drive an old ford when you can drive a whole stable of cars, free to choose. hmm. lets see- do we drive the porsche? the Cadillac, or take the Hummer for a spin.
    and if you dont get married, and especially dont get divorced, all you men will be able to afford a porsche. most divorced men I know cant even afford to pay attention.
    Or legalize prostitution. its a whole lot cheaper, with no strings attached.
    I’m a druid, so your bible is just another book of Mythology to me.

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