More numbers the governor likely wishes didn’t exist. The GDX Automotive plant in Wabash will close by the end of November, putting about 825 people out of work.The Wabash GDX plant is one of a handful that will not be sold when parent company GDX International Holdings Ltd. is sold to an affiliate of private equity firm Wynnchurch Capital.

Employees at the plant were given Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (ironically called WARN) on Friday afternoon, laying out a timeline for the layoffs. Layoffs could begin as early as Nov. 9th, and the plant could be closed by November 30th, right before the Christmas season begins.

A second layoff is occurring in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Select Snacks, Inc. will layoff 245 workers with the layoff to take effect on December 10th – even closer to the Christmas holiday. In October, Select Snacks parent company, Ubiquity Brands, LLC filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy in its hometown of Chicago. According to the bankruptcy filing, Ubiquity plans to sell Select Snacks and Chicago-based Jays Foods.

The Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification was filed with the Indiana Department of Workforce Development a day after the bankruptcy filing.

So, there ya go. Over 1,000 jobs lost in two locations in October. Yet, we are continuously bombarded by news of the Governor flying all over the world garnering “potential” jobs. Many of the Governor’s efforts fall in the area of future employment, and, even then, sometimes two or three years in the future. Sure doesn’t help our fellow Hoosiers today.

The WARN notices provide an excellent foil to the governor’s constant press releases touting all the future jobs he hopes to bring to Indiana. Of course, Daniels is well-known for his ability to deflect what is reality. He did it so well during the election of 2004 when he pretended to be a “down-home”, folksy Hoosier.


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  1. Jeff Pruitt says:

    All of this will be more fodder for Long-Thompson’s populist message. It’s going to be mighty hard for the governor to keep touting his “economic hotstreak” when there’s no data to support it…

  2. What worries me is that Daniels seems to be pretty effective at pulling the wool over the eyes of the voting public. I know I mention quite frequently his success at doing so in the 2004 election, but I still cannot believe so many Hoosiers fell for his act.

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