Jill Long Thompson spoke at a meeting of the Grant County Democrat Women’s Club on Monday evening. The meeting was held at ALA Caters, 619 W. 37th Street with about 40 people from Grant County as well as Huntington County attending the event.

Long Thompson focused on several issues including Indiana’s outdated property tax system. She will also seek to end privatization and said she will revisit every privatized contract if elected. That includes the toll road lease.

“My concern and my reason for running is Hoosiers, not a foreign consortium,” she said. She also touched on the importance of unions, renewable energy, and not sacrificing the environment for economic growth.

Jill recently received encouraging news in the form of a poll showing her well ahead of her two Democratic primary challengers, Richard Young and Jim Schellinger. Although she only kicked off her campaign in July, well behind the time tables of Richard Young and Jim Schellinger, her strong showing in early polls reflects that Hoosier Democrats will make up their own minds and appear to not be swayed by the endorsements or campaign contributions already garnered by Schellinger and Young.


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  1. John Good says:

    It sure is great to see Jill back in action once more. Just think about how much better Indiana would be today without 12 years of Darth Souder. . .

  2. John:

    From the point Jill began talking about running last spring, all we supporters heard were comments that “she is a joke”, “she should get out of the way and let Schellinger have the nomination”, “she is ineffective”, ad nauseam.

    What is really satisfying about her re-entry into Indiana politics and her recent positive polls is that it shows that the “powers that be” don’t always have a lock on the pulse of the people. Jill is a person for all Hoosiers, not just certain segments of our populace.

    I like the fact that she is from a rural, farming area with ties to the working people. I like the fact that she earned all three of her degrees from Indiana schools, unlike Daniels who couldn’t wait to get out of Indiana when he graduated high school. Talk about hypocrisy – he talks about the brain drain and he was one of those very individuals who fled and didn’t bother to look back until his stint in Washington became disastrous.

    I like the fact she is down-to-earth yet astute politically and can deliver her messages in an articulate and understandable manner.

    And, I certainly look forward to working on her campaign. While the primary is still 7 months in the future, I truly believe those negavites who have trashed her for all these months have missed the boat.

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