Tractor maker CNH Global will take control November 1, 2007, of a Lebanon warehouse run by Caterpillar Logistics Services. The takeover has triggered a notice to alert Indiana Workforce Development that Caterpillar Logistics will let go 337 warehouse employees on November 2, although a spokesman for Caterpillar said it is not clear how many will remain with the new owner.

The Caterpillar spokesman described the alert as a formality filed under the U.S. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act. The law requires major employers warn communities of future layoffs.

Caterpillar Logistics’ Lebanon depot has stored parts and shipped them to Case and New Holland dealers and customers since 2003, four years after a Dutch company New Holland bought Case to become CNH Global, a 25,000-employee tractor and construction equipment maker based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

CNH is taking over the Lebanon warehouse and six other U.S. and Canadian parts depots operated for it by Caterpillar Logistics in a move to further its control over the Case and New Holland supply chain.

Maybe Governor Daniels can work some magic from Japan. The news releases from the Governor paint a rosy picture of the investment by Japan in Indiana markets. So far, Japanese companies have committed $1.3 billion since 2005 for 10 new plants and offices in Indiana and 18 expansions of existing facilities in the state. Together, those plans account for nearly 5,500 jobs.

Hmm, of course, since 5, 718 jobs (includes new Caterpillar figures) were lost this year, it appears Daniels is taking one step forward and two steps backward. The Honda plant isn’t even up and running yet, so those are future jobs.

Must be nice to take a third trip to Japan in three years. Wonder how cost effective this trip will be? I also wonder if the Governor as well as all 70 + tag-alongs are paying their own way.







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    Great article. I wish you worked for the local paper here in Jacksonville, Florida!

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