Indiana Workforce development has a great website – let me clarify that: it isn’t great if your company is listed. The site lists closings and layoffs by city, notice date, and number of employees affected. The site uses a system that designates a “W” for warning, an “LO” for layoff, and a “C” for closure.

Daniels generates so much noise about all the jobs he is creating that he can’t hear the cries of those who are suffering at the other end of the spectrum. After all, listing the numbers who are losing jobs would contradict his rosy picture of our Hoosier economy and his continuous announcements of new jobs creation or plant openings.

To date in 2007, 5,341 workers have been either laid off or lost their jobs. Here is the breakdown by month:

August, 2007 (to date):

698 layoffs and/or terminations

July, 2007:

570 layoffs and/or terminations

June, 2007:

111 layoffs and/or terminations

May, 2007:

962 layoffs and/or terminations

April, 2007:

1,186 layoffs and/or terminations

March, 2007:

569 layoffs and/or terminations

February, 2007:

334 layoffs and/or terminations

January, 2007:

911 layoffs and/or terminations

Mitch Daniels took office in January of 2005. During his tenure in office, 22,687 Hoosiers workers have been laid off or terminated, according to Workforce figures. We don’t hear much about these numbers unless local media pick up a closure or layoff in the affected area.

So, as Daniels happily continues to announce openings of new plants and businesses and continues to trek to foreign lands to generate new markets, he conveniently ignores the ongoing loss of jobs in Indiana, hoping that his actions will deflect attention from the actual truth behind the Workforce numbers.

Once again, he will try to work his magic act for the voters of Indiana in 2008 – let’s hope he isn’t successful.  We can’t afford four more years of Mitch “the blade” Daniels.


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