Although Michael Montagano’s name does not have the same familiar ring to it as does Mark Souder’s name, Mr. Montagano is currently keeping pace in the fundraising department. Ahh, sure, negavites (my new word for negative people) will no doubt point to the fact that several of the donors have the same last name as Mr. Montagano. Michael Montagano’s wife, Bethany Montagano, is Assistant Curator for Exhibitions and Projects at the Eiteljorge Museum in Indianapolis, Indiana. She donated to his campaign as did several others with the same last name. But even if you take that into account as well as his contributions to his campaign, Montagano still raised a fairly sizeable amount. He currently has $106,297 cash on hand and $6,500 in debts compared to Souder’s $91,945 and no debts.

Souder’s 8% margin of victory in 2006, while still a clear victory, was the closest that anyone had come to dethroning the incumbent Representative since he was first elected in 1994. The “scare” probably convinced him not to take anything for granted. After all, the national Republican Party did end up dumping a fairly substantial amount of dollars into the 3rd district race when it looked like Souder had his hands full with Tom Hayhurst.


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  1. Garrett says:

    Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) $20 million
    Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) $15 million
    Democratic National Committee Howard Dean $3 million

    National Republican Senatorial Committee Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) $6 million
    National Republican Congressional Committee Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK) $-2 million
    Republican National Committee Mike Duncan $16 million

    While the election is still 16 months away, it’s a good sign for the committees to be this well off financially. I would wonder what Ensign and Cole are thinking at this point. The Democrats lead in Senate money by 3x and the House committee NRCC has greater debts than it has cash on hand. It is also a good sign that Michael Montagano has done so well fund-raising when he hasn’t even started in any county besides Elkhart in the district. Hopefully this time, the DCCC will help us out a little.

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