Congratulations to Elkhart County. The Veterans Administration has announced that a new Community-Based Out Patient Clinic, better known as a “CBOC” will be opened in Elkhart County. The location has not been announced yet, but the clinic should be open in about 9 months. Elkhart County, politically, is divided into two congressional districts – the 2nd and the 3rd. Newly-elected Democrat congressional representative, Joe Donnelly, represents the second district while Representative Mark Souder represents our 3rd district. Both representatives have been working to secure the out-patient clinic.

A CBOC was opened in the South Bend-Elkhart area in 1998, extending care to the state’s largest population of under-served veterans with the South Bend contract re-negotiated a couple of years ago. The South Bend CBOC is in the 2nd district but serves veterans from both districts. The new clinic will provide many of the same services the South Bend Clinic offers so that veterans and their families do not have to travel as far. The clinic will be a little closer to veterans who live in Elkhart and surrounding counties.

I am always pleased to see more services for our veterans. However, I hope that the new 2nd district representative, Joe Donnelly, will reciprocate with his support of our VA Hospital here in Fort Wayne. When Representative Souder supports veterans’ issues in a district that is not in his perview, such as the 2nd district, I would think it would go without saying that the 2nd district representative should actively and enthusiastically support the same type of projects for our veterans in the 3rd district – including unconditional support to keep our in-patient beds open here in Fort Wayne. Two sources of support are always better than one.

Fort Wayne VA Hospital


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