A little over a year ago, J.W. Shaver Development decided to ignore the proper channels of approval in order to develop 2.78 acres on a corner of West Jefferson Boulevard and South Bend Drive. The company received initial approval from the plan commission to build two office buildings, but decided it was so certain of City Council approval that it clear-cut the heavily forested land before City Council had an opportunity to give its required approval.


Once the clear-cutting was completed, the residents, who for years were shielded from the traffic on West Jefferson by a natural screen, were assaulted not only by the eye-sore of the clear-cut land but also the constant and noisy traffic flow along the West Jefferson corridor. The remedy? Shaver erected a six-foot fence along the one edge of the land.

Shaver later dumped the office complex for retail and restaurant plans because the area was already flooded with offices – a fact Shaver must have conveniently overlooked in its hurry to clear-cut and develop the land. Now the company is back and wants the barren land rezoned to limited commercial use so it can build two buildings which will house a restaurant and retail space. And there aren’t enough restaurants and retail businesses in the area also? (See News Sentinel article by Ryan Lengerich.)

Now Shaver wants approval for yet another change to the land. Apparently, the company follows the old Grace Hopper adage that “it is easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission.”


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