The legislative session is over for this year, and our illustrious General Assembly failed to impose any setback requirements at all on Confined Animal Feeding Operations. What a cop-out!

During the session, three bills were introduced that addressed issues involving the ever-increasing number of CAFOs in Indiana. One of those bills, House Bill 1197, prohibited construction of a new confined feeding operation (CFO) within one mile of a licensed child care center, a public school, a licensed health facility, or a municipality. Rep. Phil Pflum, D-Milton, and Rep. Tom Saunders, R-Lewisville, who authored the original House bill with setbacks, refused to compromise on the issue of setbacks and couldn’t convince the other House-Senate conferees setbacks were needed. Thus, the bill died at the end of the legislative session this past Sunday evening.

Since the state long ago shirked its responsibility to come up with a viable permitting program and local government hasn’t given much thought to the impact of CAFOs, the citizens of Indiana will continue to be exposed to an increasing environmental danger in the form of copious amounts of manure produced by thousands of confined animals.

Hog CAFO Pigs raised in a confined operation


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  1. Dennis says:

    Seeing these pig pictures is enough to make a person want to become a vegetarian. Adam (the first human) lived 930 years on just fruit and greens, which ought to put to bed this idea of us needing meat to get enough protein.

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